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intensive driving courses Birmingham is mostly carried out in a car with manual gears but there is now quite an increasing number of driving instructors who specialise in automatic driving lessons. With an automatic car you only have two foot pedals to operate, an accelerator and a brake. With a manual car you have the accelerator and brake but also a clutch pedal which is used when changing gear and moving away. This is the pedal that gives a lot of learner driver’s difficulties and is often the reason that many people decide to take automatic driving lessons. In a manual car you have to depress the clutch pedal to select the gear you require which would be first gear. To move off you have to coordinate the use of the clutch and the accelerator pedal to slowly move the car forwards. This takes time to get used to and for some people can become very frustrating. The difficulties this causes is a common reason for giving up lessons in a manual car. The problem is that as a learner driver in the early stages most people find it difficult to operate these controls smoothly while steering and preparing for road junctions or other situations that arise when driving; this can often lead to stalling the car due to problems when changing gear or stopping by forgetting to use the clutch pedal.

In an automatic car the whole process is simplified and you simply select the ‘D’ Drive gear and to move away you depress the accelerator and the car begins to move. As your speed increases the gears change automatically without any need to take your hands off the steering wheel or operate any extra pedals so you can concentrate fully on steering and observation. It is definitely much easier to drive an automatic car but it does impose certain limitations upon you if you pass your driving test in an automatic car. When you pass in a car with automatic transmission your license is still classed as provisional for a manual vehicle. Here in the Uk a high percentage of cars are still manual so you can encounter problems if you need to use company vehicles or hire cars for example if your car breaks down.

Manual or Automatic Gears How To Decide

There are quite a number of reasons for and against taking automatic driving lessons. The most obvious one is that it is much easier, so you could use this reason to decide. You do need to take into account the possible problems this could cause you in the future as outlined above. The majority of people who choose to take automatic lessons are people who have taken lessons in a manual car and found it very difficult or have been advised by their instructor that it would be better for them. People with disabilities often have to take automatic driving lessons as they may be unable to operate a car with three pedals. Automatic cars can be fitted with hand controls to be driven by someone who is unable to use their legs to drive. There are now a number of driving schools who specialise in teaching people with disabilities. In the future automatic cars will become more common as in other countries like America where a high percentage of cars are automatic.

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